Monday, 18 May 2015


| Jacket- Charity shop- £6.99 | Skirt- Charity shop- £4 | Top- Charity shop- £5 | Backpack- Vintro- £10 | Shoes- Vagabond- £69.99 |

I turned 22 today, y'all! No cliche references to Taylor Swift to be found here. At work, we've been winding down after the Etsy Wedding Fair frolics of the weekend, so I've spent the day packing up delicate wedding dresses to return to their makers (and munching on birthday brownies). A highlight was receiving some pretty flowers that my boyfriend had arranged to be delivered to the office. He did good.

At the weekend Mae and I went for birthday grub at Grain Store in King's Cross, which does a smashing butternut squash ravioli. 

After a sweet potato bellini, we headed to the nearby canal area as the sun was setting to take some blog snaps. This year's outfit it a tad more casual than the birthday mermaid look. I swapped sequins for a '70s style blouse; the blue embroidery working perfectly with some double denim.  

Another milestone was reached today. Etsy UK got its 10,000th follower on Instagram! If you're not already following, then you're missing out on the best handmade finds from every corner of Etsy, our antics in London, and Archie the office pug. 

Photography: Mae Reddaway.



  1. gorgeous outfit and photos, and happy birthday! :)

    robyn x

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    That outfit is just amazing, you look wonderful. ;)

  3. You look stunning! We're literally in love with your top! :)

  4. amazing outfit! I love how simple it is but still great! :) xx

  5. wow you look damn gorgeous in that outfit


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