Sunday, 3 May 2015

That '70s Show

Waistcoat- Camden Passage vintage stall- £15 | Top- Charity shop- £3.50 | Skirt- Charity shop- £4 | Bag- Charity shop- £3 | Shoes- Vagabond- £69

Ironically, the more blog-worthy my life has become, the less opportunity I've had to give online updates. Spending my working day on the Etsy UK blog, I've got a bit lazy when it comes to bloggy stuff in my free time. 

However, in a determined attempt to change this, I've lugged a large backpack of new charity shop clobber back to my hometown of Shrewsbury where I'm spending the bank holiday weekend. I've been lucky enough to have scored some successful charity shop hauls around London, back home, and in Tokyo (more on this another time!), which I'm excited to share with you.

I came across the jazzy waistcoat, with it's tiny mirrors and bright coloured thread, in a market stall on Camden Passage. To those unfamiliar, Camden Passage is a cobbled street packed with vintage shops, quirky cafes and antique stores in Angel Islington (my current London base). Do you ever have dreams where you own really kick-ass clothes only to wake up to the disappointing reality of your sans knee-high platform boot wardrobe, or is that just me? Well, this particular market stall was so stuffed with awesome seventies clothing (suede skirts, waistcoats, embroidered blouses, the whole shebang), I was kind of worried that it was all a dream.

Ideally, I'd pair the waistcoat with a loose fitting, flared sleeved white blouse, but this sparkly turtle neck is an okay alternative. The cord and denim patchwork skirt has the perfect a-line shape, and it was born to be teamed with a cropped denim jacket. A suede embroidered and fringed shoulder bag is the boho cherry on the cake (scouted at Fara Islington, my fave London chazza shop. It only opened a few months back and I never fail to find something). 

So yes, I recently visited Tokyo with my boyfriend! I'm looking forward to getting back in the blogging game, so expect several posts on where I went and what I bought.

Are you loving the seventies trend?



  1. everything about this is perfect! you do find some amazing pieces <3

    1. Thank you, sweetie! Likewise, you lil' chazza shop queen <3

  2. what a nice costume is this thats she had wear in this Coupon


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