Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Charity Shop Haul #4

Turtle neck top- £4
Sequin vest- £2.99
Scarf- £2
Sun and moon necklace- £1
Flower choker- £1.50

I went a little further afield for my latest charity shop haul, swapping my usual spree in Shrewsbury for the bargains in Brighton, where I travelled to visit my friend, Tiggy. The morning of our chazza shop crawl, I woke up and told Tigs that I could sense we would find some goodies, and my charity shop psychic powers were as on-point as ever.

In the first charity shop came a difficult sacrifice and my final transition into a mature grown-up. Spotting a gorgeous chocolate brown, genuine leather a-line skirt, I found that it fit me kinda okay, but wasn't particularly flattering. Despite being in love with it, I gave it to Tigs because it looked awesome on her. The mark of true friendship.

I was rewarded for my selfless act by discovering two necklaces. I've worn the sun and moon one nearly every day since I bought it, as the red and blue contrasts nicely with lots of outfits. I've not yet worn the flower choker as it needs a simple ensemble to counteract the glitzy diamantes. I love the delicate criss-cross pattern of the chain, though.

'What makes me most excited about autumn is the return to turtle necks,' I explain as we browse the rails. 'Y'know, with the ribbed pattern and the short sleeves'.

And what do I stumble upon two minutes later? A short sleeved ribbed turtle neck. In my all-time favourite colour. I'll certainly be wearing it plenty of times this autumn; it's got a simple, clean-cut shape that makes me think American Apparel. But of course, it was a fraction of the price.

I'm planning on pairing the turtle neck with the fluffy looped scarf (something about it just screams 90s to me) for a bold contrast and a build up of textures.

I'm drawn to anything with those 90s sequin discs, and the fact that they were placed on top of lace made the vest more interesting. It has a really flattering v neck, but the deepness of it makes for a tricky bra conundrum. I think the only option will be boob tape and a strapless bra. Alternatively, adding some casual by placing the top over a white tee would look pretty cool.

Tigs and I celebrated our success with a white chocolate & peanut butter milkshake from Choccywoccydoodah and a walk along the beach. Brighton is one of my favourite places to visit in the UK; there's this intangible friendly, creative atmosphere that brightens the whole town. When the sunshine hits it, there's no place prettier.

What do you think of the new look of my charity shop haul posts? I'm in the process of teaching myself Photoshop, and I'm loving the extra creativity it allows. I can't wait to unleash my new Photoshop magic on an outfit shoot.


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  1. That turtle neck top is so cute! Love it <3 xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  2. adore the sun necklace and the jumper is perfect!
    good going girl :) xo


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