Sunday, 14 September 2014


Crop- Charity shop- £2
Jeans- Gift from friend
Sandals (Erika Three Strap)- La Moda- £22
Hoop earrings- New Look- £1.99
Gold necklaces- Charity shop/my gran's

'I love these photos', my friend Mila tells me, before considering her next words carefully. 'You look like a gypsy- in a nice way'.

And that's the look I going for. Off-the-shoulder gypsy crops seem to go perfectly with big hoop earrings and an array of delicate gold chains. I never thought I'd be taking fashion inspo from Disney, but think Esmeralda. Swapping the big floaty skirts for high waisted black jeans gives more of a modern edge to the nomadic style. Alas, I'm not roaming from catwalk to catwalk at London Fashion Week, but I'll settle for Shrewsbury. Front row tickets to a pretty view of the town will have to do (unless there's a spare seat going at Vivienne Westwood?).

Once I get my hands on a camera of my very own, I should be doing outfit posts much more regularly. I'm currently planning out a series of three outfits inspired my an inconic 90s fashion icon, and I can't wait to source the clothes and style the looks.


Photography by Aoife Marsh.

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  1. So pretty, love the arch as a background! I think you would really love the jewellery on my most recent post!

    Anna x

    1. Thanks Anna, I was chuffed when I rediscovered this picturesque spot! Oooh I'll take a look at the jewellery now x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, bubba! Hopefully I'll have tracked down all the clothes by next week! xx


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