Saturday, 2 August 2014


Top- Charity shop- £3.99
A-line skirt- Missguided- £12.99
Bag- Charity shop- £1
Choker- Charity shop- £0.99
Butterfly clips- Claire's- £4.99
Hamsa bracelet- ChloBo- Birthday gift
Egyptian bracelet- Charity shop- £0.99
Ring- Pandora- £40
Mesh socks- Ebay- £1.99
Sandals (Erika Three Strap)- La Moda- £22

It's not every day that you're required to strike your fiercest poses surrounded by rusting cars, dilapidated buses and slightly flabbergasted scrapyard employees. For this occasion I chose to wear a mishmash of colours with a sprinkle of Indian, Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures. Despite the mixture, all the colours linked together to make a cohesive outfit (or at least, that was my intention): the mint green of the choker pairing with the colour of the scarab beetles on the bracelet, the pastel pink bag bringing out the pink in the top whilst complimenting the lilac skirt, and the red bindi matching the fiery colours in the Indian print.

I don't usually do much with my hair, preferring to leave it in one big blonde mass, but on this day I experimented with some 90s hair braids. I simply twisted strands of hair and secured them with glittery butterfly clips. When I've done this hairstyle before, I've braided all the hair around my face, but this time I favoured sweeping my hair to one side and braiding the other.

I'm just over half way through my four week internship at consumer PR agency We Are Indigo in Manchester. It's been such a whirlwind so far that I've not had a chance to document my experiences, but I'm hoping to have a big, juicy blog post covering everything I've learnt by the end of my stint.


Photography by Dan Betton.

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  1. I love how you have paired all the colours in this outfit together, that top is sooooo pretty!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you very much, blogger twinny! Hope you've had a fab weekend!

  2. Alice you look incredible! I love the third photo down, looks like it's straight out of a magazine!

    1. Aww shh you, I'm blushing! Thank you very much, that shoot was a lot of fun! Your blog is amazing, babe- the name is so cute, and all your chazza shop finds are incredible. Can't wait to see what you discover next!

  3. You look so beautiful! Such a cool backdrop and your internship sounds so exciting!

    Anna x

    1. Ah that means a lot coming from a beaut like yourself- thank you! My internship has been a really interesting experience- are you thinking about going into a fashion related job? x


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