Friday, 11 July 2014


Dress- Charity shop- £4
Lilac handbag- Charity shop- £2.50
Hair scrunchie- Matalan (kid's)- £1.99
Choker- Charity shop- £0.99
Sunglasses- Mum's
Hamsa bracelet- ChloBo- Birthday gift
Ring- Pandora- £40

On Wednesday I embarked upon an extreme five hour photoshoot session, this field being the first of three very different locations. There was such a peaceful atmosphere standing amongst the swaying poppies; the perfect place for some quiet contemplation (and some unashamed posing).

I've already discussed the dress, handbag and choker in a post about my recent charity shop haul. I bought both the dress and bag in the same charity shop, and knew instantly that the bold, contrasting colours would make the ideal combination. I think the clothes you wear effect your emotions, and this is a definite happiness-inducing outfit.

I found the hair scrunchie in Matalan's kids' section. I actually have quite a few scrunchies and clips designed for little ones because not only are they usually cheaper, but playful hair accessories are great for evoking a 90s vibe. 

There is a growing number of clothes and jewellery that somehow find themselves transported from my mum's wardrobe to mine (I'm just borrowing them for an indefinite amount of time, you see). These sunglasses, featuring a clear plastic rim decorated with a yellow floral pattern, were a purchase of Mum's back in the 70s. 

I bought the Pandora ring with my Silver Tree Jewellery competition money. I've always had a fascination with gemstones, and for mini me, the highlight of a family day out would be the gift shop, where I would take great pains to choose the prettiest, sparkliest crystals for my collection. An amethyst was the first shiny rock that I purchased, and so it's always been my jewellery embellishment of choice. I was also drawn to this ring because of its simplicity, which means it works with any outfit and can be stacked with other rings. 

Below are a few close-ups of my accessories because I have an obsession with detail (I kept a record of each of my crystal purchases, for goodness sake).


Photography by Dan Betton.

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