Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bleach London ‘Rosé’ Review

Being a dedicated blonde for some time, I recently decided to take the plunge and infuse my locks with some colour. After all, pastel hair dye seems to be like a rite of passage for many bloggers at the moment. Eventually, I settled on Bleach London ‘Rosé’. For anybody who isn't yet familiar with the brand, Bleach is a hair salon in London that specialises in, would you have guessed it, bleaching hair- and then adding lots of pretty pastel colours. They sell 'super cool colour' with catchy names ranging from 'Bruised Violet' to 'Awkward Peach', recommended for light and bleached blonde hair, both from their own website and Boots for a fiver per bottle.


If you’ve already seen examples of ‘Rosé’ dyed hair, you might have noticed the result is typically a subtle, baby pink effect. I got that initially when I followed the product directions, but what makes for a very pretty look on some people seemed a bit meh on me.

If you want the paler pastel look, go for:


Apply dye to towel dried hair, massaging in like shampoo for an even result.
Leave for 15 minutes and then wash out with luke warm water.

Alternatively, if you feel you want something a little more vivid (but not as bright or red-based as Bleach London’s ‘The Big Pink’), and you’re a rebel without a cause, completely disregard the instructions. Do what I resorted to and have a bash at:


Apply dye to dry hair, rubbing in to ensure equal coverage.
Leave on for however long you wish (preferably overnight), before washing out with luke warm water.

When I tried the first method, I actually used an entire bottle of the dye, but with the second method, I only needed a third- pretty impressive considering the length of my hair. My (highly unscientific) theory is that when you’re applying the dye to damp hair, a lot of the product ends up diluted and sitting on top of more product without soaking in. This means a disheartening amount of pink washing away down the plughole.

With the alternative option, dry hair means you can see exactly how much product you need and where you are applying it; you won’t be in danger of pointlessly overloading. Even though I left the dye on for a relatively long time, my hair didn’t feel dry or damaged as a result, in fact it felt soft and nourished as Bleach London dyes are predominately conditioner based.

Bleach dye claims to last 2-10 washes, but my personal experience with ‘Rosé’ is it leans more towards 2-4 washes, even if you decide to keep the colour on overnight. This dye is best if you're looking for a quick and fun change, but you're not ready to commit to anything serious.

As the dye faded, it turned into a peachy colour by the second wash, and then after the following wash, I had pale peachy-pink tints in patches throughout my blonde hair. I quite liked the effect, and my friends seemed to agree, but if that's not the look for you, this is where Bleach’s Washing Out Liquid may come in handy.

A little disclaimer in the unlikely event that I get blamed for ruining anybody's hair: I can only recommend method two for ‘Rosé’, as results are likely to be vastly different with other colours. Test it out on a strand of hair before you take the leap of faith to avoid any nasty surprises.


I achieved the pink colour with a combination of eye shadow for filler and lip liner for definition. I’d advocate this over dye because you can opt for a more natural look any time just by wiping away the make-up. After going on a nice walk through the gardens of a stately home with my quirky brows, and evoking reactions from elderly passers-by that ranged from curiosity to (I kid you not) pure, unadulterated terror, you may find yourself in situations where a milder brow vibe is preferred.

I’d love to hear about experiences you’ve had with Bleach London. Do you have any other recommendations for pink dyes?


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  1. I bleached my hair with the intention to go pink a while ago, but had a bad experience with some Directions dye and gave up. It really suits you, and the pink brows are amazing! xx
    Evie / Sun & Silver

    1. What happened when you tried to dye it? I recommend Bleach London because it's low risk and washes out easily. Thank you very much, tempted to do it again! xx


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