Saturday, 28 June 2014


Top- Charity shop- £4
Faux leather skirt- Misguided- £19.99
Crochet bag- Charity shop- £2.99
Glittery butterfly clips- Claire's- £4.99
Brown 'moccasin' lipstick- Topshop- £8.00
Leather boots (Vagabond Dioons)- Ebay- £69.99

This shoot was done after having a lunch date at The Study Room with two friends of mine, Mae and Jay, who also happen to be the photographic genius behind my blog pictures when in Lancaster. These two always brighten up my day, and they gave me lots of interesting tips for purchasing the right camera, as investing in a DSLR is next on my endless 'to buy' list. When I first started writing blog posts, I didn't link to Mae's work because she's so modest about her creative talent that I thought she wouldn't want me to. But I've decided to do it anyway, even if it means she tells me off! If you're interested in collaborating with Mae, who is seeking freelance work and will be based mainly in London, then take a look at her portfolio. Mae also has a Youtube channel, and I think that anybody interested in videos on lifestyle, beauty and fashion (which, c'mon, is almost everyone) should follow her because she's brilliant and has the most infectious smile.

The following day, I hopped on a train to Manchester for a trial day at consumer and fashion PR agency We Are Indigo. I was given three tasks: write a press release for The LBD Plan; research the ten most beautiful places to propose, to be used in a blog post by Rare Pink jewellers; and write a press release for an event at George's dining room and bar. It's a very fast paced environment- Gemma, the effervescent creative director, and Abbie, a lovely intern, seemed to be juggling dozens of different things at once- but as I was typing away, I suddenly knew that I'd found the perfect career path for me. I can combine my love for clothes, writing and meeting new people- and no longer do I have to squirm quite as much when someone inevitably asks the dreaded 'so, what are your plans after uni?' question. I'm a fashion PR intern!

Incidentally, if anyone is interested in what I wore to my trial day, you can find the outfit on my Instagram.

Now on to the clothes in the shoot. I feel like I'm giving off witchy vibes again in this flared sleeved top, with its paisley-like print and laced up detail at the front. I've teamed it with an A-line (faux) leather skirt that I've been wearing often, which can be dressed down for every day use, dressed up for a night out, or made more formal for the office. I love the little sparkly butterfly clips, which come in both silver and black, in a pack of about twelve. They're great for jazzing up regular hairdos and giving a little nod to the 90s. Brown might just be my favourite lipstick colour because it adds much-needed warmth to my face. This lippy looks great with gold eye shadows.

Finally, congratulations to all final year students who have recently found out their results. I'm bursting with pride at the amazing grades that my friends have achieved.


Photography by Mae Reddaway.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I love your posts and the beautiful photos! <3 <3 <3. And followed your blog. Welcome to visit:

  2. Looking gorgeous as always! I miss British charity shops!

    1. Thanks, babe! Are the charity shops not too great in Aus? I've bought a heap of chazza shop goodies today- will probs write a post on it tomorrow!

  3. love the boots! Hanna x


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