Thursday, 12 June 2014


Dress- Charity shop- £10
Heels- The Assembly Rooms Vintage Shop, Lancaster- £10
Holographic bag- Charity shop- £2.50
Hair dye- Bleach London ‘Rosé’ - £5

This shoot was done just after my belated 21st birthday celebrations at the Thai restaurant, Blue Moon, in Lancaster. For anyone who hasn't yet been acquainted with their stir fries and sticky rice, it's definitely somewhere you should check out. I'm very blessed to have such wonderful friends, who made my transition to 21 special throughout the weeks (basically, I milked it because final exams got in the way) with cards, presents and birthday love.

This blue snakeskin dress was found in a charity shop in Brighton whilst I was visiting my friend, Tiggy. It's covered in those little 90s holographic discs, which featured in many a school disco outfit of mine back in the day. The tight-fitting shape, asymmetric hemline and flattering straps meant that the dress was a straightforward choice for my birthday outfit, albeit not the most food baby friendly .

Several of my friends claimed that I resembled a mermaid whilst wearing this dress, but I've always seen the garment in more of a Spice Girls kinda way. Perhaps it's most accurate to suggest that it's what Ariel would wear if she joined a 90s girl band.

I recently wrote a blog post on how I achieved the pink hair featured in these photos, which can be found here.

Finally, a little shout out to my birthday boy, best friend and bane of my existence, Josh. He's 23 today, but in true deluded old-timer fashion, believes it to be his 21st birthday again. So, this post is dedicated to him. (This is also a test because he claims to only 'look at the pictures' on my blog).

Photography: Mae Reddaway.

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