Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tartan Forever

Denim shirt- Charity shop- £2
Crop top- Yayer- £5
Tartan skirt- Charity shop- £3.50
Leather Backpack- Ebay- £10
Boots (Vagabond Dioons)- Ebay- £69.99

This shoot took place in the woodlands that surround Lancaster University's campus. Without getting too sentimental on you, I'm really going to miss living here after my forced evacuation in a month's time.

To my knowledge I can make no claims to Scottish ancestry, but that doesn't make me any less of a tartan enthusiast. I own numerous tartan skirts, jackets, scrunchies and hairbands. The pattern is great because you can either style it up in a grungy way, or channel (the style goddess that is) Cher Horowitz, and make the look super preppy. In fact, I'd deliberately turn up to lectures in a tartan ensemble if I wanted to feel more intellectual and organised. Go on, wear a Clueless-style jacket, walk about clutching a folder, and tell me that you don't feel totally on top of your studies (extra points if you use a fluffy pen). Here I've lent more towards the grunge option, teaming the skirt with a denim shirt, leather backpack and grey crop. 

When I picked out this skirt, I was drawn to the purple and gold combo (which makes a difference from your typical red tartan) and the flattering above-the-knee cut. Besides, you know you've done something right when your skirt matches the surrounding flora. 


Photography by Mae Reddaway.

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  1. Yay! Looking beautiful as ever <3

    1. Thank you, my beautiful bambino! I didn't wanna bombard people with blog posts, so I'll probs share it later in the week. As my first follower, you get an exclusive sneak peak, of course ;) Lots of love <3

  2. wow i loveeee your style gurrl. so glad to have found your blog through Mae's Youtube channel.

    1. Thanks, babe! Mae didn't tell me she'd talked about my blog in her Youtube video- such a lovely surprise! She's the best. Have a lovely evening :)


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