Thursday, 29 May 2014

Springtime (Accessorize to Mesmerise Blog Competition)

A-line skirt- Missguided- £12.99
Top- Charity shop- £3.99
Holographic bag- Charity shop- £2.50
Shoes (Vagabond Dioons)- Ebay- £69.99
Amethyst necklace- The Vintage Shop (Lancaster)- £5
Yin-Yang choker- Ebay- £3.75
Hamsa bracelet- ChloBo- 21st birthday gift from my boyfriend
Charm bracelet- My gran's
Lilac earrings- 21st birthday gift from my mum
Daisy earrings- Made by my angsty yet creative 15 year old self

This post is an entrance into the "Accessorize to Mesmerise" jewellery blog competition organised by Silver Tree Jewellery.

There's no doubt that this is a look that screams 'SPRINGTIME!'. After my last ever exam the day before, which marks the end to an era of being confined to my room studying, I wanted to put together something that celebrates the sunshine and the flowers and all the lovely things that aren't endless highlighted notes and library fines. It actually rained the day I did this shoot, but hey, this is Lancaster, after all.

When you want to embrace the prettiness of spring, there's no better place to start than pastels. I'm absolutely obsessed with lilac at the moment- it gives off such dainty and carefree vibes. Whenever I wear lilac I feel like I should be skipping through a meadow somewhere. Missguided is teeming with lilacs, pastel pinks and baby blues at the moment, and I couldn't resist their flattering A-line skirt. I'm pairing it with a lilac petal-patterned sheer top and lilac eye shadow because there's no point doing things in half measures. This is why I chose to accessorize with the amethyst necklace and dangly silver earrings decorated with lilac stones. Amethyst is a stone which is said to bring calmness, inner peace and protection from negative energy (these are things everybody craves post-exams). Of course, no spring-time look is truly complete without a few daisies, so that's where the stud earrings come in .

Jewellery is most special to people when there is some kind of personal meaning behind it. When I wear these bracelets I get to carry memories of some of my favourite people around with me. The charm bracelet was given to me by my gran on my 18th birthday; a piece that she wore herself when she was a teenager. It's decorated with an array of rather quirky charms: a spinning jenny, a Punch puppet, a hawk, a goblin, a Toby jug. My favourite of all is a coin-shaped disc that hides a little secret- it seems to be engraved with strange symbols, but once spun reveals the phrase 'Happy Days'. The hamsa bracelet was given to me by my boyfriend for my recent 21st birthday. Otherwise known as the Hand of Fatima, it's a talisman that protects against the evil eye and is said to bring good luck.

Silver Tree Jewellery asked for an outfit which reflects the theme 'accessorize to mesmerise'. Mesmerise means to hypnotise, and its etymology is tied up in the work of Franz Mesmer, an 18th century German physician who believed in a natural magnetic transference occurring between all animate and inanimate objects. In a take on Franz Mesmer's theory that I can't guarantee the medical professional would necessarily agree with, the look I've put together is mesmerising because- whether it's my gran's teenage memories, protection from evil, a balance between Yin and Yang, or the renewing properties of spring- the jewellery I've chosen seems to absorb and give off positive energy.


Photography by Mae Reddaway.

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  1. Just found your blog through lookbook and you have such amazing style! It's great to see all the secondhand finds you have, like this top; so gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you, babe! You have awesome style, I'm happy that I've found your blog and a fellow charity shop enthusiast!


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