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The Musings of a PR Intern

Lucy, Jordan and I at George's terrace launch party.


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Heaven Is Whenever

Whilst working away on her degree at Lancaster University, the talented Cally Bowman has also found time to set up her own handmade jewellery business, Heaven Is Whenever.

It all began with a huge wicker basket overflowing with beads and other pretty things, passed on to her when she sadly lost her equally creative step mum, Kirste, to cancer two years ago. Cally went from making little charms, to simple bracelets and anklets for friends, before eventually buying semi-precious stones to experiment with more complex pieces. She's recently been selling jewellery online, and the website is set for an exciting relaunch in a month's time.

"It’s amazing to be able to create something that other people love and appreciate, never mind actually want to buy and wear."

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