Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Alice's Adventures In... Budapest

DAY 1: After checking in to our hostel we explored what is actually two cities, Buda and Pest, divided by the Danube. If you walk along the river in Pest, the eastern side, you'll discover the 'Shoes on the Danube Promenade' memorial. It represents what was left behind by Jews during World War Two, who were forced to take off their footwear before being shot at the edge of the water. The cast iron shoes of men, women and children adds a human element to the Holocaust victims, who we can often accidentally see as just one colossal number.

In the evening we headed to Szimpla, an incredibly quirky bar decked out with Budapest junk shops' finest. There's walls that you can add your own graffiti to, film projections and you can even sip your drinks in a car made from old wood and bottle caps.

DAY 2: Excited by the best weather we'd had during our travels (why, you could almost call it 'warm'!), we took a boat across the river to take in the picturesque churches and houses on the Buda side, where everywhere you turned was a postcard-worthy scene. If you follow the steps leading up a hill, you'll eventually come to the Fisherman's Bastion  which gives some of the best views of the city. The perfect place for someone on the hunt for a decent Facebook cover photo.

DAY 3: Margaret Island is a great little place to relax for a while next to the musical fountain. From there, we visited Szechenyi Bath and Spa, the first and most famous thermal bath in Pest. It boasts a swimming pool, saunas, and a variety of thermal baths ranging from 28- 38 degrees. The water is full of sodium, magnesium and sulphate, and is meant to be great for curing a whole host of ailments; perfect for two weary travelers coming to the last leg of their journey.


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