Thursday, 19 December 2013

Alice's Adventures In... Amsterdam

DAY 1: After navigating our way around a combination of cars, trams and (so many) bicycles, rather aptly, our first destination in Amsterdam was the Sex Museum. It's essentially a load of photos of naked people having sex, but then again, what do you expect. There's some Victorian erotic photos which was an interesting sight considering their notorious prudishness.

To my great surprise, that bottom emits gusts of air at random intervals.
DAY 2: We embarked on another free walking tour of the remarkably small city. It was interesting to learn more about why the city is so tolerant, and the strange laws surrounding coffeeshops and the Red Light District. Amsterdam is especially pretty near the canals lined with the iconic tall, narrow houses. Being the non-stop bargain hunters no matter what country we're in, we couldn't resist checking out Waterlooplein flea market- a mountain of clothes all priced at 2 euros was a particular highlight. After the mandatory photos stood by the I Amsterdam sign, we ended our Amsterdam trip with a visit to Anne Frank Huis where (anyone with a basic grasp of history knows) the famous diary writer and her family hid from the Nazis. There's something indescribably chilling about standing in Anne's room with the photos and magazine cuttings still glued to the wall. Due to her iconic status, we can forget she was a real girl, going through the usual teenage problems and just trying to get on with her life.

Amsterdam didn't take my breath away like Paris did, but it's a tough act to follow. For me I think it's a city I only need to experience the once, but I can see why other people would fall in love with it.


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